At SSAG we believe the furture is our children, and that investing in them is our chief goal.  We want to provide a place for kids from birth to fifth grade and opportunity to grow and understand what God can do for them.  We want them to see the importance of Christ as the centerpiece for their lives.  We engage them through knowledge of the Bible and challenging them to grow in their walk with Christ.  Through all 4 age grouped classes this will be the central theme of what we teach!  We hope to see you soon!

Kids Church
1st-5th Grades

This active, dynamic service includes games, praise and worship, hands-on activities and a focus on “Exploring All that God has for Me” through practical application of Biblical values.  In other words, we learn about God’s love, lessons and plan for our lives in a super fun way!

The Reef

If it’s true that “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten,” then this is a most important class!  We explore God’s truth and love for us through fun games, activities, praise and worship and the amazing stories in the Bible.

The Camp
2-3 years old

2 and 3 year olds are beginning to learn how to focus and listen.  They are also learning how to play with, as well as, alongside of others.  In the Camp we focus on guided play, fun music and activities, and an introduction to the Bible stories that will shape children’s lives.

The Jungle
0-2 years old

Babies are incredible gifts from God.  Our Jungle staff and volunteers focus on caring for the needs of each of these little miracles; keeping them safe and cared for, as well as showing them how much God loves them.